Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Storage Solution

My partner and I both have this week off work as holiday. Yesterday we spent half the day clearing out the loft.......or at least, we started to clear out the loft! We have so much stored up there, it's going to take more than half a day to do it all.

Anyway, we came across two wooden units full of music cassettes! As we don't have the facility to play them anymore, we recycled them. As soon as I saw the wooden units empty, I realised they would be brilliant for storing my non Stampin' Up! ink pads in.
I put my business cards in front of the unit to give an idea of size.

I labelled all my ink pads upside down on the long side edge of the container so that I could store all the ink pads correctly, which is upside down.

The ink pads in the left hand column are all StazOn colours. I use these for painting on tiles to makes coasters. The Momentoes will com in very useful when SU launch the new alcohol based Blendability pens on 1st July 2014. The gold and silver Encore Ultimate Metallic ink pads are available from SU. There are also some Versamark pads and Adirondack colours.

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