Saturday, 24 May 2014

My second shelving unit!

When I posted photographs of my "nail varnish" shelving unit two days ago, I said I'd bought a second unit ready for when the first one was filled up! Once it arrived, I thought I could put it up as well - or at least, my partner could, bless him - and I could use the shelves for display purposes or whatever,  until I needed the space for storage!

It has turned out to be a great idea! What do you think?
Tomorrow I shall be working in my studio again as I have a special order for a client. I've also bought some masking tape for another technique I want to try.

I am also working on an idea of Tip For The fact I'm working on several ideas at the moment as I'm still feeling very motivativated after the SU Regional Training in Telford last Saturday.

Hope you're enjoying a great weekend.

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