Monday, 5 May 2014

May Day Bank Holiday 2014

As it was lovely sunny day, my partner and I decided to take a drive to Greenwich. It's a brilliant place for tourists as there are several attractions, not least the Cutty Sark and the Maritime Museum. But, on this occasion, we were more interested in visiting the markets.  The first one was a small antique-cum-bric a brac market. It had some very interesting memorabilia including typewriters in amazingly good condition. What a blast from the past! I bought three paper piercers that will be very handy for the ladies who attend my workshops. They were all brand new but just two pounds each - very good value.

Then we walked to the much larger market which had some similar stalls including one selling record players. There was one called a Dansette which was the make we  had in the prefect's room at school! Oh, happy days! There were also stalls selling new goods like jewellery and clothes. The hot food area was filled with foods from around the world - the smells were so tantalising.

The one stall that stood out the most for me was the one that was selling greeting cards that you plant! Yes, you plant the card and it germinate. The seedlings grow into lots of wild flowers! What a novel idea for a card-cum-present that will last a whole year?

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