Sunday, 18 May 2014

Back Home

I am pleased to say our journey back from Telford this afternoon was so much easier than our journey up there on Friday! No holdups or delays of any sort!

I have just been going through all the swaps I brought home with me. There are so many brilliant ideas that my mind is absolutely whirling! I've just taken photographs of two of them I'd like to share with you this evening.

Two or three weeks ago you may remember I told you about a greeting card I saw at Campden Market, that you plant and and water and it grows into wild flowers. This yellow sunflower card has a "bubble" on the front which holds four sunflower seeds! Another card/gift that will last a whole year round.
Sunflower card made by Nicky Richards of Nicky Nack's Crafts

The second swap I'd like to share is this paper lantern. I remember making these when I was a child but this is extra special because it has a paper bird inside that has a small bell attached to it. Don't you think it is so cute and so brilliant?
Paper lattern by owner of You can see the bird but not the bell

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