Thursday, 20 July 2017

My handmade birthday cards

Hello, Crafters.

Today's the day we say goodbye to Thailand. We've had a really lovely time here, the first week with Stampin' Up! and the last few days, with just the two of us. 

We've enjoyed the food, the sight-seeing, the resort and have found the Thais to be really polite, friendly people. Although I'll be sorry to say goodbye to Thailand, I am looking forward to getting back into my studio and crafting again!

I had a bit of spare time yesterday evening so I decided to share my four handmade birthday cards with you. All four have been made by great crafters I've met since becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator!

Photographs 1 - 3: Geraldine Homenchuk, Canada, SU demonstrator. Geraldine always makes the most amazing cards. She also decorates the inside of her cards and the envelopes. 

Since the beginning of the year, I have been decorating the insides of my cards, but not with anywhere as near as much detail as Geraldine. 

Many thanks, Geraldine.

Photograph 4 - Maria Kennedy, Scotland.
Maria is my customer, as well as my friend. 

She is a new cardmaker, and, as you can see, has taken to it like a duck to water.

Many thanks, Maria.

Photograph 5 - Kelly Kent, Western Australia. SU demonstrator. I have obviously overlooked a good stamp set from the new annual catalogue! 

I don't recognise the watering can on Kelly's card, but will add it to my wishlist when I do! Although I have my catalogue with me, I don't have time to go through it to find which stamp set this is from! 

Maybe I'll have a look while I'm on the plane home, if I can stay awake, that is! LOL! 

Many thanks, Kelly.

Photograph 6 - Audrey Shaw, Scotland. Audrey is in my Stampin' Up! team of Super Stars! 

I'm not quite sure how Audrey has decorated this card!  
There is a layer of cardstock on the card base but about 1/4" smaller all round. 

Then it looks like she has drawn a line of gold all round the edge where the layer meets the card base. I'm bursting to find out what Audrey used! I may CASE the rest of the design for my August Thank You Cards! Do you mind, Audrey?

Many thanks, Audrey. 

I'll be back on Saturday, once I'm back home. 

Happy crafting.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

June Thank You Card video

Hello, Crafters. 
Earlier today I posted my June Customer Thank You Card video.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that I photographed the other colours, just the mushroom design from the Pick A Pattern Designer Series Paper (DSP).

However, I do show the other colours in the video.

Although this DSP isn't anything like my regular pattern choice, this mushroom design just appealed to me!

The 3D swaps I made for Thailand are the same as video no. 284 - Key Ring Gift Box. (See link at end of today's blog).

This is the gift I made as my thank you to all my customers who shopped with me online during June.

I changed the design for the swaps by using the Foil Frenzy Specialty DSP.

I also decorated the boxes with daisies stamped from the Daisy Delight Stamp Set, and I layered three on top of each other.
I used various ribbons for each colour of foil DSP, using what I felt was the closest colour.  
For the Berry Burst Foil boxes, I used the 1/8" Fresh Fig Sheer Ribbon. 

For the Lemon Lime Twist Boxes I used the 1/8" Old Olive Sheer Ribbon.

Finally, for the Tangerine Tango boxes I used the 1/4" Copper Trim.  
I was really pleased with how I was able to mix and match the colours so successfully!

Inside my thank you boxes for my June customers, I put an English key ring which I thought would be appreciated by demos on the trip from outside the UK.

I have found that generally when I stamp the daisies, if I stamp them on Whisper White Cardstock (CS), the centre of the flower "pops" if it's stamped tone on tone, on the same coloured cardstock.

Likewise, if I stamp the daisy on coloured cardstock, the centre "pops" if it's stamped on Whisper White CS.

No doubt there'll come a time when this isn't the case!

I used various ribbons for each colour of foil DSP, using what I felt was the closest colour. 

This is the video that shows how I made these boxes:-

We fly home tomorrow, but not until midnight. 

In the morning we have booked a trip to the Elephant Sanctuary, which is the trip we missed last week because hubby wasn't feeling well. 

I booked a late checkout so we can do our packing when we get back from the sanctuary.

Happy crafting. 


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Highest Waterfall

Hello, Crafters.

Yesterday we decided to visit the highest waterfall in Phuket.

We booked a taxi to take us there, and then to wait for us to bring us home. 

It appears to be normal that taxi drivers will wait while their passengers visit the place they take them to, and then bring back again. 

We read the poster our driver had in his car, and it said up to a three-hour wait was complementary! 

I don't know if this is widespread in Phuket or Thailand, but what a fantastic idea! 
It has saved us from hiring a car, which was part of our plan for this week. 

However, having been caught up in traffic jams caused by accidents, spoken to taxi drivers about the driving laws - or lack of them! - and also witnessed the local driving, we weren't in too much of a hurry to hire a car!

When we arrived at the Bang Pae Waterfall, our driver parked his car and explained the animal noise we could hear was from the gibbons in the Gibbon Sanctuary. 
We decided to go in and have a look. 

A young English guy called Nathan, came over and asked if we'd like him to explain the work they do at the sanctuary. 

He said he arrived a little while ago with his wife, to help the Thai people run the sanctuary and look after the gibbons.

Their aim is to rehabilate them, get them breeding as a family unit so it's safe to release them back into the wild.

Originally, they realeased the gibbons in pairs but they found they don't always stay together, which can be detrimental to either one of the pair. 

They have found that if they breed in captivity and released into the wild under controlled circumstances, they will stay as a family unit.

The gibbons in the sanctuary have all been rescued from pubs, bars, etc. where they are used as photographic props for tourists, or they've been taken from the jungle and used as pets.
They have just two gibbons who will never be released into the wild again. 

The female had one foot and one hand cut off! This was done by a man who had her as a pet. 

The gibbon bit the man's daughter, and this was the punishment metered out by the man! 

The other gibbon is a 30-year-old male, who was released once as part of a family, but he kept coming back to the sanctuary. 

Eventually it was decided to keep him in a cage, and he certainly appears to be happy - he was too busy swinging around his cage for me to be able to take a photograph of him!!  The only photograph I did manage is so blurred!

One day, Nathan found a gibbon wandering around the sanctuary, and at first thought one of them had escaped from his cage.

After checking, realised it was a "visitor". Long story short. It was the 30-year-old gibbon's son coming to see his father! 

Apparently he pops back every now and again to visit!

That's it for today. Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


Monday, 17 July 2017


Hello, Crafters.

As well as the gala dinner on Friday, it was also the day we collected our swaps. 

Before the Incentive Trip we were asked if we'd like to join in with swaps. 

If we did want to join the fun, we were asked if we'd like to make cards, 3D projects, or both. 

We are totally free to choose and I chose to do both! 

We had to make twenty-six of each, and had to hand them in the day after we arrived at the resort.

I don't know how Stampin' Up! share them out, but on Friday we were able to collect our swapped swaps. 

Stampin' Up! put one each of all the swaps handed in on display boards. 

Therefore, twenty-five are swapped and the twenty-sixth swap is for the display boards!

This allows us all a chance to see all the swaps that have been made as well as providing us with an opportunity to photograh them all.

This means, when I get home, I'll have fifty swaps to share, via photographs on here, as well as a video.

I have posted six photographs here, and several more on the Photo Gallery Page. ☺

I hope you enjoy looking at these swaps from around the world!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


Sunday, 16 July 2017

Time's our own!

Hello, Crafters.

We have had a super time here in Phuket! 

Stampin' Up! have taken really good care of us, it's been amazing! 

It's been well worth the hard work it took to earn this trip! 

Befre I forget, today's video shows how I made my swap card for Thailand.

Yesterday was the first day of our own.
Most demonstrators have gone now, with a handful staying for the weekend.

Thre's a shuttle boat that goes across the lagoon to Canal Village. 

We decided to walk round, and it was lovely.

We headed straight to the Bakery as we'd heard nothing but good reports about it! 

We had tea and cake, and agree with the praise heaped on this eatery! 

We continued our walk, and visited the little gazebo "shops" on the beach. 

We completed our circular walk back at our resort, and decided to spend an hour by the poolside. 

On Friday evening, Stampin' Up! laid on a lavish gala night! It was at the Blue Elephant, and was a buffet.

The food was largely Thai but there were other choices.

There was a dancing display, musicians, Thai craft demonstrations, and areas where we could purchase Thai crafts. 

It took the coaches longer than it should have done to ferry us all to the Blue Elephant. 

There was an accident in front of the first coach. 

The rest of the coaches had to do a u-turn and find an alternative route. 

I've attached a few photographs from the evening here and more on the Photo Gallery page.

That's it for today. Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


PS Stampin' Up! are running a special recruiting promotion during July. 

If you'd like to know how you can earn an incentive trip, please email me for further details: I'd love to have you join my team! ☺(Note: I can only recruit if you have an address in the UK, the Netherlands, Austria France or Germany. I'm really sorry but this is a SU rule!)

Friday, 14 July 2017

Taking time out today!

Hello, Crafters.

I hope you didn't miss the video that I'd set up to publish on Wednesday morning! 

It's called Double Treat Pouch Holder, which is a super-easy holder for treats and a note or a greeting.

It's doesn't require any cutting or glueing, which helps to make it so quick and easy! 

Having said that, I do use a Glue Dot to hold the top two points together, but you don't have to do it.

We decided to take time out yesterday as we've been on the go non-stop since arrived! 

Fortunately, we're here for another week so the trip we missed yesterday, the Elephant Sanctuary, we can do next week.

All week we've been concerned about how my back was going to cope with the trips, especially the speedboats, but it's hit hubby's back much harder than mine! 

This is worse for him because he's restricted with what medication he can take to help ease the pain!  

On Wednesday, we went by speedboat to see the James Bond Rock, and the James Bond Island, as well as a Muslim fishing village and school - not in that order! 

Then we had a canoe ride through some caves - two people to a canoe, plus the canoeist! He let us sit sideways in the canoe with our legs draped over the side. 

Next stop was another island where we had lunch...............all 700+ us! 

There was time to relax and swim, but we were too busy chatting with the family at our table, to bother about  swimming.

The previous day we went by speed boat to Phi Phi Island. 

We were told if we had a bad back to sit at the back of the boat. 

Needless to say, we did as we were advised. 

We had a chance to do some snorkeling off the back of the boat for about three-quarters of an hour. 

We both thoroughly enjoyed this, me using my underwater camcorder and hubby using his underwater camera. 

Unfortunately, I had to take my glasses off to put the snorkelling mask on, which meant I couldn't see if the camera was off or on! LOL! 
But it was good fun anyway!

Then we were off to another island, followed by Bamboo Island and then home.

When we visited the Muslim Fishing village, we were able to see inside some of the pre-school age calassrooms.

We also saw the mosque and the football pitch - non-grass!

We've found the Thai people to be amazingly friendly and love to be helpful. 

The Thai food is superb but we've learned to avoid anything that says "spicy" or "chillis"; even hubby is struggling, and he can take his food REALLY hot!

Today's our last day and we're off on a Phuket Heritage and Shopping trip.

The final event is this evening and it's a buffet dinner for everyone!  

We've had a fabulous time on our first Incentive Trip and look forward to many more! 

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


Tuesday, 11 July 2017

New Catalogue Presentation and Shopping Trip.

Hello, Crafters.

Yesterday was a very busy day. 

It started with an off-site three 3 hour presentation by by Shelli and daughter Sara when we were able to see some of the new  products that will be in the Christmas catalogue. 

We also received some freebies from the catalogue, and as well as a copy of the new catalogue. 
It was very breezy sitting on the verandah!

We were then bussed back to the resort where we collected our packed lunches. 

After lunch I handed in my swaps, had a team photograph taken with the UK achievers - seventeen of us in all (plus one who wasn't able to make the trip!).

Then it was time to catch the coach for the shopping trip to Patong Beach. 
Unfortunately there was a TWO hour hold up en route as there had either been an accident or a lorry had broken down. 

Paula and her counter-part from New Zealand did an excellent job keeping us amused with quizzes, business tips, and the tour guide did an impromptu song and dance!
Hubby making his first card - and made an excellent job of it too!

Although the shopping trip was a lot later than planned, we still enjoyed ourselves and stopped for dinner at a very pleasant Thai restaurant.

Today we're off to Phi Phi Island.  

UK Thailand achievers - I'm back row, left hand side!
Yesterday I forgot to put more photographs in the Photo Gallery, but they are there now! 

I've also posted more from today as well.

I hope to be back here tomorrow!
Last night's pillow gift - I'll share when I know what it is! LOL!

Happy crafting.