Sunday, 24 September 2017

Nail File Matchbook EPB Box Video

Hello, Crafters.

This morning I uploaded my video which shows how I made my Thank You gift for my August customers. 

The gift was a matchbook of flowery nail files that fit very easily into your handbag, and I designed the Envelope Punch Board Box for the matchbook to fit into.

I used regular Designer Series Paper (DSP) for my customers' boxes, which is something I don't normally agree with, because it's not as thick as cardstock. 

On this occasion the box size was small enough to work well with DSP. 

For the video, I used Year of Cheer Specialty DSP and decorated the belly band with snowflakes to make it more like a Christmas gift.   

Yesterday I made enough swaps for Natalie's training today!

I made the Coffee Cup Treat Holders that were featured in video no. 303. 

The treats in these are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

I wish you a very happy Sunday, and until tomorrow, happy crafting!


Saturday, 23 September 2017

September Thank You Cards

Hello, Crafters.

Yesterday morning I was busy catchng up with emails, texts and private messages on Facebook. 

I came up for air, and lunch at about two o'clock, and
after lunch I moved into my studio. Ahhhhh! But where to start!

The first job I dealt with was putting the Paper and Ribbon shares together ready for posting this morning. 

On Sunday I'm going to Natalie's training with one of the ladies from my team, so this means making swaps! 

We only need to do sixteen, so I'm going to make the coffee cup boxes that featured in one of my videos recently. 

I already have three that I made for the video, so it shouldn't take too long today to make the remaining thirteen boxes. 

Yesterday, as the end of the month is looming quite quickly, I decided I'd make this month's Customer Thank You Cards. 

The design is very similar to previous Thank You cards, but this time I've used Dimensionals to give the flowers a bit of height. 

It's very unusual for me to do something like this on Thank You cards as I normally keep them quite simple.

I used our Notecards and Envelopes which come in packs of twenty. Using Tranquil Tide Ink, I stamped the THANKS sentiment from the You Move Me Stamp Set.  

Apparently, it's making cards like this that make the Misti come into its own, but I still do my freehand!

I use my Grid Paper to line up where I need to stamp my sentiment, always using the centre dark vertical line as my starting point.

The cards arrive scored but not folded, so I looked at my card and stamped the THANKS where I wanted it to go. 
Then I placed it on my Grid Paper, and
lined the base up with the "ruler" that's on the bottom of the Grid paper. 

Then I eyeballed the beginning of the THANKS, and lined it up with my dark vertcal line. 

Next I line up the base of the letters with the half inch horizontal line. 

From here I note where the left hand side edge of my card is on my ruler - I think it was 3.75". 

I stamped all the cards I needed, placing them in the correct position on my Grid Paper, and then went through the same process to decide where I wanted to stamp the leaves.

The leaves and the flowers are from the Oh So Eclectic Stamp Set.

When these were all done, I moved onto the flowers which have been stamped with Berry Burst Ink. 

I stamped off once to colour the backgrounds of the flowers, and then die cut them using the Eclectic Layers Thinlits Dies. 

Before adhering the flowers to the cards, I folded all the cards on the score line, and gave the edges a good crease using the bone folder. 

I adhered the flowers towards the bottom of the leaves using three Mini Dimensionals on each. 

For the centre of the flowers I decided to use Lemon Lime Twist Ink, and tried using the "background" stamp,with the ink stamped off once.

However, I think you need to choose which stamp you want to use for the centre of the flower, rather than using both because both stamps have details on them. 

I tried lining them up, but it didn't appear to be the right thing to do, so I gave it a miss - see photograph 3A! 

I was happy with just one first generation stamp - see photographs 1A, 2A, and 4A.

After stamping and die cutting the required amount of flower centres, I adhered one inside each flower using Tombow Glue.

Today's my day for a bit of pampering - I'm off to get my nails manicured shortly. 

I was recently contacted by dotcomgiftshop asking me if they could feature one of my cards on a blog they were working on called "16 ways to say it with a greetings card". I don't think they chose one of my best cards, but the card they did choose helped demonstrate the point they were making. You can check it out here - twelfth card I think:- Dot Com Gift Shop Blog. The card underneath mine is by another Stampin' Up! demonstrator, Linda Parker.

I hope you have a great weekend. Until tomorrow, happy crafting!


Friday, 22 September 2017


Hello, Crafters.

We had a very pleasant and uneventful journey back home from the Isle of Wight yesterday with some sunshine and some rain.

It has been a fabulous break and hubby doesn't go back to work until 2nd. October!

On Wednesday I told you about our trip the previous day to the Needles and Alum Bay, and I said I'd get back to you about the coloured sands.

Just a bit of background first!

When we went on the first Incentive Trip I'd earned, which was to Thailand in July 2017, I wanted to bring back a souvenir of such a memorable event. 

We saw this hand made tapestry of the Tempting Turquoise - I think that's our closest colour - elephant, and I fell in love with it.

We spoke to the shop owner and he explained it had been made by hand by local Thai women. 

Apparently, they collect dresses that have been made with very substantial fabrics that are no longer wanted, and cut pieces to make a patchwork quilt tapestry.

In Thailand elephants are called Chang; needless to say that's what we call our elephant!

Getting the tapestry home wasn't a problem.

We just folded it and put it in our suitcase, but getting it framed wasn't so easy - it measures 5' x 3'!

It was quite a challenge for our local framing company, not least because we wanted non-reflective, safety glass that didn't weigh a ton! 

The guys did a briilliant job, and I'm really pleased with Chang, who is now on the wall in the dining room! 

Back to the coloured sands! 

At the top of the cliffs at Alum Bay, one of the shops offers the opportunity to fill glass or plastic shapes with different coloured sands. 

Hubby shot off to join the queue saying he's already decided which shape he wanted, and I shot off after him saying Nooo! I've seen what we should have!

Fortunately, we'd both chosen the larger size Chang!

So now we have Chang and Sandy Chang! 

I made one of these sand-filled ornaments years ago when I was 16, and my goodness, how they've improved on how it's finished off. 

Whereas we were told to make sure the sand is packed as tightly as possible, now there are assistants who finish off for you! 

This includes giving you the option to have wavy lines put in the sand.

This is done by inserting a long needle down the outside edge of the sand!

They also pour a small amount of water into the sand, then plug the hole with a piece of clay and put on the lid! 

If you ever get the chance to do this, do have a go; it's fun, relaxing and satisfying!

Today, I'll be back in my studio and it'll be business as usual again! 

Thank you for staying with me during our little break, and I hope you've enjoyed the ride! 

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


Thursday, 21 September 2017

Home today!

Hello, Crafters.

Our third and final day yesterday was just as packed as the first two days. 

Although it wasn't as sunny as the first two days, the weather was still very kind to us.

We had a fair bit of sunshine, lots of clouds, some wind, and the temperature was very mild. 
This sign tickled my sense of humour! These steps lead down into the sea and the sign reads  PRIVATE STEPS. NO ACCESS!

These two photographs are the floating bridge that takes passengers and cars from Cowes across the river to East Cowes
The floating bridge moves via two chains it has running through it, one on each side, and each end is anchored at each side of the river.
This also tickled my sense of humour - a fish and chip shop in Ryde called the Codfather!
This is a close up of the red plaque by the side of the fish and chip shop. At one time the shop was owned by John Leigh, and the shop was raided in September 1953. The police took away 1,087 saucy postcards by Donald McGill.
When we arrived in Ryde, we parked the car, and found the shop next door to where we parked was a craft shop! Popped in to have a look and bought some mini  polystyrene wreaths.
Ryde Pier
Something else that made me smile. This snack bar took its name from a very successful TV comedy called Only Fools & Horses!
We have to leave our hotel by 9am to get to the ferry for 10.05am. Last night we did as much of our packing as we could. We're now both ready and as soon as I hit the PUBLISH button, we're off.

I'll be back again tomorroww. Until then, happy crafting.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Isle of Wight Day 2

Hello, Crafters.

I cannot believe how blessed we have been with the weather so far. 

Yesterday was another glorious sunny day. 

We took a drive to the most south-westerly tip of the Island to Alum Bay and the Needles. 
We took a trip on the chair lift at the Needles down to Alum Bay, and it was scary! 

It started off with us travelling very sedately over trees, and in no time at all we were over the edge of the cliff and quite a sharp drop down to the beach! 
It was a bit like painting when card making - I was holding my breath!  

Alum Bay is famous for it's coloured sands; apparently there are at least twenty two different colours!

We took a boat trip out to the Needles and the lighthouse, which is now operated electronic on the mainland nowadays. 

Hubby was fine on the boat, despite that it wasn't quite as calm as the ferry on the way over!

I'll share more with you about the coloured sands tomorrow!

Until tomorrow, happy crafting.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Isle of Wight Day 1

Hello, Crafters.

We couldn't have asked for better weather yesterday! 

By the time we arrived in Lymington to catch the ferry over to the Isle of Wight, the sun was shining and just a few clouds in the sky. 

The sea was amazingly calm and hubby arrived on the Island no worse for wear despite not having any sea legs. 

We checked into the guest house called Foxhills, which is in Shanklin.

After we had unpacked, we took a walk around the town, and came back to our room for a rest - we'd been up since 5am! 

Did you know all the swans in the UK belong to the Queen?
At 3.30pm we were off again to investigate the beach and the seafront. 

We had an early dinner at 5.30pm at a Thai restauraunt - excellent - and then we went to visit the Shanklin Chine, which is best seen after dark because of all the lights.

Five minutes before we left to make our way back to the guest house, the sky opened!

 We were soaked by the time we made it back to our room. 

Despite this finale, it was a great day. 

We're about to set off to visit the Needles and Alum Bay now, so until tomorrow, happy crafting.


Monday, 18 September 2017

We're off!

Hello, Crafters.

It's 6.30 am, we've had breakfast and are about to set off for Portsmouth to catch the car ferry across the Solent to the Isle of Wight for a mini break.

I'll pop in as and when I can.....................have laptop, can travel! LOL!

Have a great day, and until tomorrow, happy crafting!